Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life | The Hobbit

Hey Everyone! It's taken me a little while to actually get this post out but I am finally ready to share some exciting news with you. As most of you know, after many years of practising as an Attorney,I have decided to take a break from the legal profession to pursue my passions, take a sabbatical and enjoy a much needed break! In making this life changing decision, it seems as if more doors have opened up to me and opportunities that I might not have even thought about before have presented themselves unexpectedly. I really want this year off to be different for me in every way possible. I'd been thinking about it for a while and it dawned on me that I have a whole twelve months to live exactly the way I want to, to get to know myself better and to educate myself on another level. Life is pretty fantastic at the moment and sometimes when things are going well, we forget that we need to challenge ourselves again to remain motivated and fulfilled. 

With all these things in mind, Zak and I have decided to pack up our lives and hit the road (or rather the skies) and set off on a year of travelling adventures! I know it must sound quite spontaneous but we have been contemplating it for a while and the time just seems right. I don't know if guys have ever read or watched 'The Hobbit' but one of the scenes therein really spoke to me and in some ways served as the catalyst for putting my indecision to an end. It starts off with the main character, Bilbo Baggins, waking up the next morning after an exciting and unexpected visit from twelve dwarfs the night before. They had been trying to convince Bilbo to join them in setting off on a long journey into the unknown to reclaim their lands. Bilbo of course immediately declines. He has a comfortable and cosy home, a stress free life, a set routine everyday and absolutely no desire to upset the status quo. The next day however and once everyone has left, things suddenly don't feel the same to him anymore. His home seems quiet and uninteresting, he cannot stop thinking about the dwarfs and the journey that they have gone off on and in a split second, he makes a life changing decision. He decides that he can either remain where he is, comfortable and settled, and in fact enjoying a pretty good life. Or he can take a risk.. A risk that could possibly change his life completely. And that is what he does.. packs up his possessions and heads off with the dwarfs on long journey. He does not know what to expect or what will happen, only that he cannot go back to his 'old' life again. And so begins his unexpected journey :)

Now granted, my situation isn't nearly as dramatic, but I certainly do feel the same. My life is pretty great here in Cape Town, but I have have been presented with an opportunity that I cannot turn down. And so we leave this week for Singapore, which will serve as our 'base' city for the next couple of months. After then its on to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and who knows where else! I'm beyond excited about the future and I cannot wait to share all my new fashion and travel adventures with you. So here's to Life then, where the only constant is change. SS

Photographs by Zak Khan shot on location at Bakoven, Cape Town.