Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Looks | Write Now, Sleep Later

I seem to find my best motivation for writing at random times of the night nowadays. Summer is gradually creeping in here and this is the hottest and most humid weather I have ever experienced in my life. I still find it difficult to sleep sometimes which is really when my brain starts churning out ideas, urging me to hop out of bed and scribble them all down before they're lost by the next morning. So here I am.. publishing tomorrow's post when I really should be getting in some rest. Nevermind, I can sleep when I'm dead right? At least that's what I tell myself.

On Saturday evening, I went out to watch the theatre production of Beauty & the Beast at Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore. I'm a Disney fanatic by the way - I can basically sing every song of every disney animated movie from my childhood. (And we wonder where our warped ideas of Prince Charming come from!) Ah but I don't care! I love being transported away with magical songs, a beautiful set and happy endings. 

This was my look out for the evening. It was pretty hot as usual, but I knew I would be indoors for most of the night and I've been dying to wear this zebra print forever. I grabbed it from my sister's closet on my last visit home though I'm pretty sure she'll discover its missing once she sees this post! Sorry sis :)

Photographs by Zak Khan shot on Tembeling Road, Singapore.

* My Look *

Tights & vest / Both Woolworths (shop here)
Zebra top / Sister (like literally, it belong to my sister)
Heels / Bronx Woman (shop here)
Bag / Boutique store
Necklace & Bangles / Forever 21 (shop here