Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Week in Pictures: Insta Roundup 15 July 2014

Hello my Darlings! I've been in a strange mood the last couple of weeks. So much in my life is changing.. for the better I'm sure, but the uncertainty until that happens is unbearable! I'm not much of a patient person. I like things to happen NOW. Excitement is supposed to be a wonderful and joyous feeling but I find it painful and unnecessary. It really is one of my worst qualities, but also the one what has allowed me to achieve everything that I have been able to. I simply cannot wait. For Anything. I make plans, and before I can even enjoy the results, I'm onto the next thing/project/journey/relationship. It's hard to fight one's natural tendencies, but sometimes I feel its ultimately necessary if one wishes to enjoy peace of mind of any kind. I've got big plans lined up. But for now, and I will force myself if I have to, I need to take a step back. The present moment demands my attention more than the unknown future. Im determined to enjoy it. SS

Thanks for Reading today.. SS