Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My Looks | Culture Shock

Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my last lookpost guys - I really appreciate it! It's been a bit difficult trying to figure out what my style is since I moved. I know it sounds ridiculous that one's style can suddenly 'change', but believe me, factors such as climate, career choice, and lifestyle can have a huuuuge impact on what one will choose to wear everyday. In fact, I think I may actually be a little confused about the way my personal style is evolving?! I sold/gave away most of my clothing, accessories, bags & shoes (sob!) before I left as I wanted a clean break and I knew I could always shop for new things wherever I was in the world. This has left me with me only a handful of items before I can rebuild my closet to its former glory, but it's also pushed me to improvise and to think about new ways of pairing the garments that I currently have. 

I'm finding myself reaching out to shorts more often nowadays. They're so easy to wear, really comfortable and surprisingly versatile (i.e they're not just for the beach!) This crochet version is one of my faves at the moment. I love the detail and the fact that its quite loose fitting around the thigh area - it gives the look a more tasteful feel I think? I paired it with a simple black tank and pulled everything together with this bold coat/jacket/dress from Anisa Mpungwe's range for Mr Price. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm totally in love with this piece, but I miss home so much and I just want to express and let everyone know that 'Heeyyyy, I'm from South Africa!!" if that makes any sense ;)

Thanks for reading today & enjoy the pics! SS

Photographs by Zak Khan shot on Tembeling Road, Singapore.

* My Look *

Shorts / Cotton On (Sg)
Tank top / H&M (Sg)
Jacket / Anisa Mpungwe for Mr Price (SA)
Heels: Melissa Shoes (SA)
Sunglasses: Charlotte Ronson for Vogue Eyewear